\"ForWith melodic punk seeming to fade out with the initial demise of Blink 182, and the more pop-centric approach of The Offspring of late, it’s rare to see new bands coming out with a desire to bring it back to the forefront once again, yet that’s exactly what we’re presented with in the debut release from UK melodic punk outfit, For All The Wrong Reasons. Drawing influence from the likes of The Story So Far and Deaf Havana, For All The Wrong Reasons have adopted a pop-punk approach that is sure to get them radio attention as well as fans from across the various punk scenes, and with a release date of Monday 26th of August set for their debut EP, We’re Not Losing, We’re Just Not Winning, the band seem to be setting out to dive head first into a scene that has all too often been fully saturated. Having now released These Past Few Years Haven’t Been So Kind as a taster of what to expect from their upcoming EP, For All The Wrong Reasons seem to be hitting the right notes. With an approach that transcends the usual pop-punk barriers to incorporate a slightly heavier edge, their debut release oozes with radio potential and sing along hooks. Sticking to the more simplistic chord progression approach of their peers, For All The Wrong Reasons have taken their influences where needed, yet at no point have they let them overtake their own desire for uniqueness, resulting in a sound that doesn’t push the boundaries of pop-punk, but instead sits quite happily amongst their more successful peers. Don’t be deceived into thinking that because it’s pop-punk, For All The Wrong Reasons are simply going through the motions. Instead, they’re taking an approach to music that clearly comes naturally, and presenting the world with easy going music designed to simply be listened to and enjoyed. Rating: 8/10 -Dave Nicholls Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bhoo1OUUjfo