Flyleaf: Who We Are review

\"WhoThe next chapter and new era of Flyleaf is well-underway with their latest release, an EP titled Who We Are set to release Tuesday. This is the first release with new vocalist Kristen May and features one studio track, “Something Better,” which features POD frontman Sonny Sandoval and shows the band using a new sound that can be summed up as a bit more pop rock than hard rock like their debut or sophomore records were. That isn’t to say their newfound sound is bad, in fact, it’s impressive that they’ve adapted to such a huge lineup change as well as they have. Some bands take years to catch their stride and release solid music after a singer change. After “Something Better,” we’re treated to four live tracks, which may seem unimportant to some listeners but it gives us a chance to see what the band sounds like live with May at the helm and, to be honest, she sounds a lot like Lacey did and there’s not much of a change. All-in-all, Who We Are is the perfect title for this EP and is also the perfect release for Flyleaf, who may recognize they have to take babysteps with their fans to gain their full acceptance of the lineup change, but the true Flyleaf fans will appreciate what the band has done here and embrace this release with open arms. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards