Flyleaf: Between The Stars review

It\’s always tough when a band reaches a certain level and their singer leaves. When Flyleaf frontwoman Lacey Sturm left, a lot of people counted them out. However, if there\’s one thing we\’ve learned from the past is that no one member of a band is their identity and Flyleaf have proven that with Between The Stars, the first full-length with new vocalist Kristen May. While the band\’s previous record (and last record with Sturm at the helm)- New Horizons– drifted away from what Flyleaf had established themselves as and was a little bit softer rock than the metal-induced sounds we\’d become accustomed to from the band, Between The Stars goes back to the band\’s roots in many areas. Now, Sturm was more of a streamer while May is more of a straightforward singer so there\’s not gonna be as much screaming as there was in previous studio releases, but the band makes up for it. Musically this one is a bit heavier than New Horizons was and that will make the Flyleaf faithful very happy. Lycially we see the band exploring and really spreading their wings and it\’s very impressive and May\’s vocal style compliments the lyrics and musical direction beautifully. When the album comes to an end we\’ve learned a few things- one is that Flyleaf can still definitely deliver the goods- which shouldn\’t be a surprise at all. The other is that Kristen May is a more-than-perfect fit to take Flyfleaf into the next chapter of their career and the final thing is that Flyleaf aren\’t going anywhere- in fact, they\’re just getting started. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards Guitarist Jared Hartmann talks¬†Between The Stars: