Guitarist Jason Hook is storming out of the gates with his new band FLAT BLACK. The former Five Finger Death Punch guitarist has recruited a trio of young and talented turks, and the band has signed with Fearless Records for its debut album, the details of which are TBA. The album, produced by Hook, was recorded at both Hooks home studio and The Hideout. 

The band will support Godsmack on tour this fall. All dates are below. Get tickets here

Today, FLAT BLACK have shared two new songs: “It’s Your Lack of Respect” and “Halo.”

Watch the video for “It’s Your Lack of Respect” here.

Listen to “Halo” here.

“It’s Your Lack of Respect” has a raging, gnarly fire in its belly. With its percussive thrust, chunky riffs, shreddy guitars, and sheer attitude, the song will ignite mosh pits from the first note. The alternately snarled and sung vocal add a hefty dose of dynamics to a song that’s already got plenty of grit and girth. It has a defiant energy — and what’s more rock ‘n’ roll than that? 

“I didn’t want to play it safe with the first release,” says Hook. “Sure, there are other songs on the album that are more geared towards radio, but to me, ‘It’s Your Lack of Respect’ makes a statement. It’s unapologetically defiant, which is how I feel as a songwriter and we feel as band in today’s seemingly homogenized rock landscape.”

“Halo” is a mid-tempo rock anthem that demonstrates all of Flat Black’s hallmarks. You’re in for rapid fire riffing, soaring and thickly layered choruses with emotive clean vocals, and searing solos. The band doesn’t scrimp on deep grooves, as the song is teeming with them.

“I love ‘Halo’ because the song sets a dark, sinister mood,” Hook explains. “‘Its charm is all about the contrast between the piano part and the guitar riff, not to mention the big chorus and guitar solo — to me, that’s the FLAT BLACK sound.”