Fight or Flight: A Life By Design? review

\"AFight or Flight, the latest band to emerge from the Disturbed hiatus, featuring members of Disturbed and Evans Blue, have released their debut record, A Life By Design?,  which has been one of the most anticipated of the year- but then again when is anything with the name “Disturbed” attached not anticipated? Much like Device (Disturbed mainman David Draiman’s side project) fans will immediately start drawing comparisons to Disturbed and expect it to measure up to the band. Here’s the problem with that- as inevitable as that may be, this band is not Disturbed; it may feature some members, which will obviously bring some Disturbed-esque sounds and tones, but it is far from Disturbed. Fight or Flight has more of a rock sound than metal and shows members of Evans Blue and Disturbed really branching out musically. Lyrically and musically there’s nothing groundbreaking here. This won’t be album of the year and it won’t absolutely blow you away. That’s not a bad thing, though and it sure as hell isn’t saying A Life By Design? sucks- because it doesn’t; in all actuality, things couldn’t be more contrary. This record packs a punch and is a solid rock album- something that hasn’t happened as often as it should these days. These bands went on hiatus to show the world they can create impressive music that’s different from what they’ve become known for and that’s exactly they’ve done with Fight or Flight. When you hear this record you’ll be able to picture yourself in the pit and that’s exactly what makes this album good. Don’t compare this record or this band to what they’ve already accomplished- go into it like you would if you were listening to a band you’ve never heard of and who’s members you don’t know. If you heed this advice, you’re in for a real treat. Rating: 8.5/10 -Reggie Edwards