Fight Amp – Constantly Off

Constantly Off (Brutal Panda) is the latest release from the Philly, by way of New Jersey,  jack of all trades band Fight Amp. Their sound is described as Crossover/Hardcore/Noise. Truth be told, after listening to Constantly Off , the first thing that jumped into my head was, Nirvana! No, not the Nirvana that made billions of dollars and played to sold out ampatheaters. The Nirvana that I\’m referencing is the one that was edgy, raw and really meant something. The title, Constantly Off,  is somewhat of an oxymoron.  From the initial down stroke of  Mike McGinnis\’ ultra-distorted guitar, Fight Amp kicks into fifth gear and never takes their foot off the throttle. Drummer, Dan Smith plays with such ferocity that when coupled with Jon DeHart\’s chugging layer of thick and syrupy bass I can only describe it as a beautiful disaster. The beauty of Constantly Off is that Fight Amp keeps the listener on their toes and fully engaged. Right when you feel that you know the ultimate direction that this record is heading…. BAM! , a track like \”I Perceive Reptoids\” comes out with a slow,  thick and atmospheric sound and throws you that unhittable  curve ball! Standout Track: Survival Is Strange -Craig Cooper