Feel Never Real: Rock Rebel Gold review

Shot straight from the abyss of the south, the southern rock rebels, Feel Never Real, are back with their latest offering that will kick you in the ass and make you its bitch- Rock Rebel Gold. Rock Rebel Gold shows that Feel Never Real have what it takes to be on the level as the heavyweights and should catapult them to the next level with a shotgun blast from hell. Songs like “New Rebel,” “Low Class” and “Hard Times Made Us” show the gritty southern rock feel we all love and that tends to become popular while “Kiss My Ass,” “Friday Night on Stardust” and “D.I.I.X.,” where the girl is into D.I.I.X.- Dinosaurs interested in xylophones- will keep you on the edge and remind you of Texas Hippie Coalition, Steel Panther and Bobaflex all in one. Feel Never Real, having been around for 10 years now, should be a household name with how impressive Rock Rebel Gold is. This is true rock and roll so get ready because Feel Never Real are ready to hit you like a southern rock tsunami and you won’t be able to get back up. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards