Farewell From the Gallows- Luck of the Draw review

\"Luck by Reggie Edwards Farewell From the Gallows’ Luck of the Draw is a decent album from a band on the local level. While the album does lack the punch and overall intensity of the big players in metal, it’s not a bad album for a small, unsigned local band. Typically when you hear an album from a band on this level, the production quality is very rough and you can hear static, grit and grime and it just sounds bad. With Luck of the Draw, the guys in Farewell From the Gallows exceeded expectations in this area. It’s a fine-tuned and decent-quality project. While big players like Meshuggah, Lamb of God, Opeth and bands along those lines have that kick-you-in-the-balls metal punch, Farewell From the Gallows are on their way but just not quite there yet- they have some work to do still. As a Christian band, there’s not much Christian message or examples from the band here but that’s a trend that’s slowly diminishing in the metal scene. Overall, this is a decent album, there’s some improvements that could be made but not a bad debut. Rating: 7/10