Farewell Forever- Farewell Forever EP

\"\" by Reggie Edwards Anyone who likes bands like Bullet for My Valentine, For Today, or just good, solid metal, and hasn’t checked out Farewell Forever, is sorely missing out. The band’s debut EP is one for any metal fan’s CD collection. It’s hard to compare them to just one band. They have a sound that resembles a plethora of eclectic influences. Anything from metalcore to metal to mainstream rock sounds can be found on their debut EP, which is a winner with me. Some songs have a Blessthefall-esque sound while others have punk and electronic undertones and others even have a more clean-cut rock sound and others are just plain heavy odes to metal. Regardless of how you look at the EP, it’s a winner in every way imaginable. I love when a debut knocks me off my feet and this one definitely did. I’m impressed and I can’t for the next release! Rating: 8.5/10