Family Force 5: Time Stands Still review

One of the most anticipated releases of 2014 for Christian music is set to be unleashed upon the masses August 5 in Family Force 5’s Time Stands Still. FF5 have always been one of the most fun and interesting bands in Christian music, with their addictive rock foundation mixed with infectious dance grooves, it’s no wonder they’ve become one of the most popular bands around. Time Stands Still sees the band sticking true to what’s made them so loved by many fans and that’s dance rock that you can’t help but move around to- it’s impossible to listen to this record and be in a bad mood. While they keep the tradition alive, they also expand and utilize their softer side more than on previous releases with the slower tempo reigning heavy on Time Stands Still. With a few lineup changes, this record is bound to sound a little different but that’s only natural with a lineup change that includes a new frontman and drummer. Longtime drummer Crouton (Jacob Olds) is at the helm replacing longtime singer and brother Soul Glow Activatur (Solomon Olds). Crouton is replaced on drums by newcomer Hollywood (Teddy Boldt). The sound that resonates from the new lineup and the dark times that the band went through leading up to the record is nothing short of mesmerizing. This record would be the product of Jason Derulo-Usher-Thousand Foot Krutch collaborating and songs, more so than on previous FF5 releases. Opening with “Sweep the Leg,” you get the feeling you’re at a rave from which you can’t escape and has the trippy feeling fans have become so comfortable with from the band. This leads into “BZRK” which is classic Family Force 5 and will make longtime fans feel right at home. “Show Love,” “Jet Packed Kicks” and “Raised By Wolves” all have the dance-oriented rock that you’d expect from the band while “X Ray,” (perhaps the standout track of the record), “Walk on Water” and others all have a slower club-oriented dance vibe that keep the pace of the album flowing beautifully. A lot of the lyrics come off darker than previous releases while the musical presence and crunk reputation of Family Force 5 is still evident and strong as ever. While there’s more slower songs than hard-hitting anthems, after listening to Time Stands Still it’s clear Family Force 5 are only getting stronger and becoming more and more of a powerful force and there may be no stopping them. Rating: 8.5/10 -Reggie Edwards Chap Stique of Family Force 5 talks Time Stands Still: