Family Force 5 makes Time Stand Still in Indy

Family Force 5 is one of the constants in the music industry today. No matter what, you can count on them to constantly put out music that makes you headbang and dance at the same time. You can also rely on them to make you smile every time you see them in concert. It\’s been a big year for the band. With their latest record- Time Stands Still releasing late last year, the band has found themselves on Winter Jam to start 2015, Vans Warped Tour in mid-2015 and the West Coast Winter Jam tour to end 2015. In between all of this, they\’ve taken time to hit the road for Tour Stands Still- their first headlining club tour in awhile and they\’ve brought Born Cages out with them and they hit Indy\’s Deluxe venue recently. Born Cages were an interesting choice to open the tour, showcasing a completely different style than Family Force 5 but the fans were all over it, getting involved and showing love to the band on every level. After Born Cages finished up, it wasn\’t long before Family Force 5 hit the stage and opened with the title track from Time Stands Still before changing pace and ripping into “BZRK” and the party had begun- literally, because that\’s what a Family Force 5 show is- a party. They balanced the set beautifully with older songs and new stuff from both TSS and their upcoming album, from which they played “Sweatband.” They owned the stage on every level, dancing around and getting playing around on stage at different times. If you didn\’t know the history of the band over the last few years, you\’d never guess Jacob “Crouton” Olds isn\’t the original vocalist. Rather, he took over when his and bassist Josh “Fatty” Olds\’ brother Solomon left the band to focus on his family life. Olds fits perfectly as the vocalist. They finished things up with an encore of “Sweatband,” which if this song is any indication of what\’s coming, everyone hold on, it\’s about to get fun. After that, they wrapped it up with “Chainsaw” and that was that. They ended early so they could head over to the merch table and spend time with every fan who wanted to meet them and get a picture or hang out. If you missed this tour, don\’t worry- they\’ll be hitting the road again after Winter Jam West Coast with their Christmas Pageant Tour so make sure you catch that one. -Reggie Edwards [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Family Force 5 in Indy/Born Cages/\”] [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Family Force 5 in Indy/Family Force 5/\”] Pre-show Interview with singer Jacob \”Crouton\” Olds: