Faith Evans: Incomparable review

When it comes to one of the voices in R&B music that is a force to be reckoned with, Faith Evans is undoubtedly on that list as her new album is proof of just that. Incomparable which is Evans’ latest album is an album that you certainly will want on your playlist. It’s a wonder why Faith Evans was crowned The First Lady of Bad Boy as she was the first female vocalist on the then record label headed by P Diddy, formerly known as Puff Daddy. Evans is known from her notorious marriage to legendary rapper Biggie Smalls but she is even notoriously known for her high pitched vocals which in range, has changed over the years. With a new album under her belt, Evans is quite feeling herself because she rightfully titled the album, Incomparable and indeed she is. The album opens with, “Prelude/Thank You/Good Night” in which Evans wants the world to know that her lover has delivered the goods and has satisfied her in every way imaginable. Evans takes us back to her roots of the old school R&B sound with “Extraordinary” where you can almost imagine her singing in an Adidas sweat suit, a cango hat and wearing large gold bongo ear rings.  To continue with the old school vibe, Evans hooks up with Missy Elliott in “I Deserve.” Elliott spits a few bars which is a treat because Missy hasn’t been behind the mic in years but instead she has been behind the mixing board. The album’s title track, “Incomparable” is a song that seriously throws the albums vibe off a bit. The track is reminiscent of a pop inspired song, which is not in the music character of Faith Evans.  The album picks up a bit with the interlude, “Ride The Beat” which I wish were a full song as the beat is very catchy. As a KeKe Wyatt fan, I was happy to see a musical collaboration between these two with “Make Love.”  The last time we saw these two together was on the television screen for their reality show, R&B Divas. Although the two have collaborated before on stage, it was a definite treat to get a full recorded some from these two. One of my favorite song’s on the album is “Forever” which is a love inspired song and would make a good wedding song certainly! Another favorite song of mines that is somewhat a remake is “Ever Go Away” which is similar to music group Silk’s “Freakin Me” song. Evans slay her musical talent and gives us 16 tracks to feed off of and while some songs could’ve been kept in her music vault, some songs were in deed perfect for this album. I’m glad this album was released just in time for the holidays as it will make a perfect stocking stuffer and it can also be added to your iPod during your strenuous workout sessions. I’m glad that Evans is back as she is a forced to be reckoned with and her talent is simple incomparable as her album titles it. Overall, Evans delivers and this album is certainly worth a listen. Rating: 9/10 -Samantha Pounds