Eye Empire: Evolve review

\"Evolve\"Every band’s early days are plagued with obstacles. What separates the good from the great is how much tenacity the band has to get through whatever it is they go through to get to the other side. Eye Empire are the epitome of a band that refuses to give up and quit. When the going gets tough, they keep going and their fans have stuck with them through everything and the “Empire” is growing rapidly because of the band’s never-say-die-attitude. Their debut, Impact, was an instant fan favorite and their sophomore release, Evolve will quickly follow suit. Whether fans love the heavy or intimate side of Eye Empire, Evolve has it and fans will freak when they hear it. Eye Empire did the right thing prior to the album’s release by making “The War Isn’t Over Yet” available as a free download for fans to catch a glimpse of what was to come. This prepared fans for what they get with Evolve. That track plus “Rise (Wake Up) and “Weakness” will cater not just to fans of Eye Empire’s heavier stuff but also fans of heavy music in general. Then there are tracks like “I Don’t Want to Leave” and “The Man I Am” which see the band showcasing their softer sides and adds that perfect balance to the record. This isn’t the Eye Empire of old; Evolve shows a new and improved, more mature and solid Eye Empire than we’ve seen in the past. Eye Empire have built a reputation for being one of the hardest-working and tour-heavy bands in the industry and it’s taught them a lot. Look for Eye Empire to continue to pick up steam and heat up as this album cycle begins and progresses. They aren’t going anywhere and that’s not a bad thing. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards