Review: Saint Asonia- Extrovert

When Saint Asonia launched as a band in 2015, fans were hoping they were a band that would stick around. Often times, a new band with well-known members pops up, they release an album or two and then disappear or the members go back to their original bands.  Not Saint Asonia. While a few members have left, the mainstays have been guitarist Mike Mushok and singer Adam Gontier and here we are, seven years later and the band have released two full length records and one EP. Not only that, but they’re set to unleash their second EP and fourth release overall. Their Extrovert EP comes just months after the Introvert EP and is just as impressive. Just like its predecessor, Extrovert is a hard-hitter from front to back and has no filler whatsoever. This is an EP that shows the band having a lot to say and stands right up with their self-titled debut.  They start off strong with “Devastate” and keep the ball rolling with “Break the Mold,” which is an emotion-filled epic track with some of the catchiest guitars Mushok has ever laid down.  While lead single “Wolf” isn\’t even the best song on the EP, it’s quickly become a fan-favorite and flows beautifully into “Better Now” and closer “Chasing the Light.”  The show-stealer of the EP is “Over It,” which opens with a poppy guitar intro and shows Gontier searching his soul through some of this deepest feelings and is one that will hit home with a lot of fans. If this doesn\’t become one of their biggest hits, we’ve all missed the boat.  In the end, Saint Asonia continue to prove why they shouldn’t be remembered just for what they’ve done in the past but that their legacy continues to be built. Extrovert is proof that new music and new bands still matter.  Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards