The Everyday Losers: Revel in the Chaos review

The road towards Rock N Roll domination for The Everyday Losers began at a very early age when brothers Dylan and Tyler Seidel got guitars for Christmas one year and there was no stopping them from there. Their full length debut Revel In The Chaos, will prove to the rest of the world once and for all, what the rock fans in Indiana have known for several years now- that they are anything but the losers their name would have you believe. The Everyday Losers were founded in Washington, Indiana in 2008 and the band have already shared the stage with the likes of Saliva, Puddle Of Mudd, Jackyl and Black Stone Cherry, along the way independently releasing two EP’s. 2011’s Songs For Us All and 2012’s Social Paradise, to critical acclaim. Revel In The Chaos was recorded at Thanasphere Productions in Bloomington, Indiana and is available via Hard Drive Productions. It can be purchased through the band on their website or on Itunes and Spotify. You can’t make it into the top 60 out of 1500 on VH1’s Make A Band Famous and not be doing something right. Lead single and video “You’ve Got A War” comes out of the gate hard and kicks just like a pissed of bronco. Dylan’s vocal delivery on it and tracks like “Spinning Me Master” are bound to draw comparisons to Wes Scantlin from Puddle Of Mudd, as will the sumptuous melodies and lush grooves the band are laying down by the metric ton. Dylan’s smoky rasp helps make “Scream” an angst ridden classic that bears a strong resemblance to the band Fuel while “Avid Believer” is an old school ballad that likens itself to the glory days of the 80’s hair metal scene containing a chorus so infectious it should come with a warning label and good luck getting the lyrics “I don’t need you anymore…so get the fuck out of my head” from the song “Outta My Head” out of your head. One listen to the shameless good time Rock N Roll of “Good Life” and the curious will be converted into the committed. At the same time, songs like “Say It” and “Liar” sound like the more melodic side of Nirvana. “Sick Stranger” should appeal to fans of Seether and Sevendust alike on many levels and “Hate You” and “7 In 7” are bluesy, take no prisoners rockers similar to Facelift era Alice In Chains. There are further nods to the balls out hard rock formula of the first Seether album on “Killing Me.” The acoustic ambiance of “Sincerely Something” is reminiscent of Pearl Jam’s “Better Man,” and closer “Turning Pace” is an utterly absorbing acoustic passage that plays to the strength of Seidel’s inimitable vocals. If it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you may not have a soul. Here’s the bottom line- If you are a fan of any of the aforementioned bands, then Revel In The Chaos is essential listening and an instant classic. Had this been recorded in the mid 90’s, we would still be talking about it today. Rating: 8.5/10 -Eric Hunker