Ethan Carter III talks about the EC3 For Champion Campaign and feud with Mr. Anderson

TNA wrestling has lately been utilizing their weekly Impact broadcasts to focus on aspects of professional wrestling that other promotions don’t. This week’s edition of Impact Wrestling showcases one of the most popular areas of the sport- hardcore wrestling- in the form of Hardcore Justice.

On last week’s edition of Impact Wrestling, Ethan Carter III (EC3) launched his EC3 For Champion Campaign, which was unexpectedly interrupted by Mr. Anderson. Although he may not be billed for a match tonight, EC3 says he has something in store for Anderson and he took some time to talk to The Front Row Report about what’s coming up.

FRR: So, EC3, this week is the Hardcore Justice edition of TNA Impact. How do you feel going into Hardcore Justice?

EC3: Just about how I feel going into every day- poised for success. Last week I launched the EC3 For Champion Campaign and it was almost perfect, I would say borderline perfect…and it would have been perfect if it hadn\’t been for that dastardly Mr. Anderson, who had to interrupt it and stick his nose into it with his asinine political..whatever he speaks of…and then assaulting me. So, at Hardcore Justice, I do have a planned rebuttal for Mr. Anderson.

FRR: Let’s talk about Anderson. He\’s been a bit of a thorn in your side. You launched the EC3 Campaign, it\’s going well, and he stick his nose in your business. What do you have up your sleeve for Anderson? I know you can\’t give away too much.

EC3: Well, let me correct you- you said it was \’going well.\’ It was actually going perfectly. So what do I have in store for Mr. Anderson? I\’m actually going to beat him with something unbeknownst to him or anybody who watches wrestling or in their lives in general. I\’m going to beat him with a little thing called \’logic.\’ I\’m going to logically show him what he\’s doing wrong, how he\’s portrayed himself , the whole negative aspect of his counter-campaign, and then- if it comes down to it- I will probably have to punch him in the face with my fists.

FRR: It also helps to have Tyrus in your corner too- not that you need the extra protection, though.

EC3: Well, not only did Tyrus look like a million dollars last week in a full suit and a nice hat, in my corner holding that sign so high, but he was insulted by Mr. Anderson for his choice in clothing. So I\’m going to tell Tyrus, \’why not slip into your battle gear- your singlets- and lets go talk to this guy. Having Tyrus is- I wouldn\’t say- an advantage for me but it\’s really more of a necessity as I\’m constantly bombarded with people trying to assault me from behind and having a big, giant man to watch your behind is…I\’d hate to have an attack or assassination on my body or my career. I think that\’d be very negative so Tyrus is…he is a necessity.

FRR: So, let\’s talk about the EC3 Campaign. You launched it last week, it\’s in full effect now. Obviously, Kurt Angle is the TNA World Heavyweight Champion and I know you don\’t care who you face or who you beat. Do you think it would be best for you to beat Kurt Angle- with everything he\’s accomplished, who\’s an Olympic Gold Medalist? Or do you have your sights set higher than the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and Kurt Angle?

EC3: I don\’t think it gets any higher than Kurt Angle as TNA Heavyweight Champion- he\’s the incumbent I must defeat. Despite our past- I have defeated him in the past but…he was a bit under the weather- he was injured at the time so, Kurt Angle being completely healthy, at 100% right now, would be the perfect proverbial feather in my fine cap and campaign would be beating him for the title so that is my goal and hopefully he\’s able to hold that title until I have the opportunity to beat him.

FRR: Would you say the Title is the ultimate goal with the EC3 Campaign or is there something more?

EC3: The World Heavyweight Title is definitely the goal but the goal is just so much broader than just being the champion. I mean, when I become champion, that\’s where I really get to take form, take shape. I kinda get to mold the industry to my standard in my eyes and my vision of how I see it. I get to transcend the wrestling industry to other fields of entertainment. I really get to put my mark on pop culture as a whole and that step requires the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

The Hardcore Justice edition of TNA Impact airs tonight at 9/8c on Destination America.