Escape the Fate: Ungrateful review

\"Ungrateful               by Reggie Edwards Ever since Craig Mabbitt joined Escape the Fate, the debate has never ended on whether or not he deserves to be the frontman. After Ronnie Radke was given his walking papers and formed Falling in Reverse, fans have been split. Escape the Fate’s latest offering, Ungrateful, proves once and for all that Mabbitt deserves the slot. Ungrateful takes what the band did and accomplished on their self-titled release and takes it up a notch- if that’s possible. The band is more finely-tuned and their sound is more dynamic on this one. This is one of the band’s heaviest, most personal records to date and fans who think Radke was robbed of his frontman spot will quickly forget those days after they hear Ungrateful. Escape the Fate have really come along way over the last few years. Sometimes it takes a change for a band to really find themselves and the last few albums have really shown that to be the case with this band. Ungrateful is just the icing on the cake…so far. Fans of ETF and fans of rock and roll in general will find a home with Ungrateful and those who aren’t fans or familiar with the band will absolutely geek over what they hear. Rating: 9/10