Erimha: Reign Through Immortality review

\"ReignLurking in the shadows of the scene like the bastard child of metal, symphonic black metal seldom reaches out to the mainstream, occasionally venturing out to be seen and heard but for the most part, sticking to the rumour mill that has built up around it. Stepping forth out of this scene we’re presented with Erimha, the Montreal based black metal 4 piece, who are due to release their second full length album, Reign Through Immortality, through Victory Records this year.

Taking their name from the Sumerian word for Army or Legion (according to mythology), Erimha have been steadily building a solid following since their inception back in January of 2010. Releasing their album, Irkalla, in September of 2010, the band have spent their time since touring, developing their sound and setting about forming the solid line up we see today, with Gore on vocals, Kthien on guitar, Diusternas on guitar, and Ksaos on drums. Finally recruiting Chris Donaldson on recording duties, the band have been building the anticipation for the upcoming Reign Through Immortality through the release of singles “Ascetic” and “Condemned to Desolation,” demonstrating their new found maturity and dedication to further pushing their sound.

Reign Through Immortality presents the listener with what you would expect from a symphonic black metal album, from hammering distorted guitar lines accompanied by a seriously heavy sense of melody through to a rolling rhythm section akin to the likes of Dimmu Borgir and Behemoth. After the initial introductory moments of “Enlightenment” the full force of Erimha is revealed in “Ascetic,” launching the listener into a melee of fast paced riffs, Cradle of Filth style layered vocals and intricate lead lines, demonstrating a solid understanding of their genre without allowing it to come across as pretentious or over the top.

Other key tracks across the album include the hauntingly beautiful “Condemned To Desolation,” the reflective and slower moments of “Metaphysic Countenance,” and the fast paced “Cataclysmic Tides,” a track which fully hammers home the message that Erimha are here, and they mean serious business.

Throughout Reign Through Immortality the listener is presented with hooks, symphonic melodies and dramatic, hard hitting tracks packed to the rafters with power. Erimha aren’t pushing the boundaries of black metal, but they are offering up some of the best the scene has to give.

Rating: 8.5/10

-Dave Nicholls