Erica Campbell releases gospel solo debut, \”Help\”

Gospel music fans brace yourselves, MaryMary is back—one half of MaryMary is back to be exact. One half of duo MaryMary, Erica Campbell has recently released her anticipated debut album after the album’s first single “A Little More Jesus” suddenly appeared on the music scene last year leaving fans wanting more. With the help of her husband and music producer Warryn Campbell, a total of 13 tracks were produced to create, ‘Help’ which is an inspirational album that can be listened to for praise and worship, a means for inspiration or if you’re in the mood for a feel good music session. ‘Help’ is a mixture between somber and sweet as this album does take you through a whirlwind of emotions no matter what circumstances in life you may be facing at the moment. The album’s lead single “A Little More Jesus” does provide the most up-tempo shift on the album as this song will make you feel like you want to dance. One of my favorite songs on the album is “Looking Like” which is a very inspirational song of how it looks like you will make it out of your situation on top. The album’s title single “Help” features a duet with Gospel rapper Lecrae. This inspirational song makes you forget that you are listening to Gospel music and you somehow feel as if you are riding in your vehicle with the top down low on a warm summer evening. An extremely somber song on the album is “Eddie,” which pays tribute to Campbell’s late father Eddie Campbell. The song takes you down memory lane as you get to listen to the wonderful relationship she shared with her father before his sudden passing. “P.O.G.” is another feel good type of song on the album. This song certainly makes you feel like you can take on the world through the power of God.  If you have ever gotten to a point in your life where you feel like you don’t need anybody else’s approval, not even God’s, then you need a “spiritual checkup” and the song “Nobody Else” will do just that. Campbell does bring up the age old question, “Who really killed Jesus Christ?” She provides her perspective with the song, “The Question” in which she wonders who really killed Jesus on the cross and why did he go through the pain and suffering for us all. Even though Erica Campbell wanted to step out on faith and record her own album, there was still that little hope that there would be at least one collaboration song with sister Tina to form a MaryMary duet of some sort. Overall, “Help” was a decent album for Campbell’s first time stepping out as a solo artist. With the help of husband and music super producer Warryn Campbell, I have a feeling that there will be more solo albums for Campbell to come. This album is certainly worth a listen for Gospel music fans of MaryMary as listeners will get the opportunity to see a different side of Campbell in a more intimate and vocal setting. Rating: 8/10 -Samantha Pounds