Empire of Fools review

Describing themselves as ‘a new breed of what’s good about rock music’, Southwest UK based  Empire Of Fools have recently unleashed their new EP, Unstoppable, to the world, describing it as “capturing the bands true personality”. Recorded with Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, The Blackout, Funeral For A Friend), Empire Of Fools go on to state that the EP is “only the start of the band’s extensive potential” – brave words indeed. After hitting the scene running through support slots with The Quireboys and reviews slating them as “ones to watch”, Empire Of Fools have gone on to share stages with the likes of Reef, The Darkness, Ash, The Damned, Status Quo and The Levellers, as well as playing festivals such as Boardmasters, Looe Music Festival and Bulldog Bash. With words such as anthemic and epic being banded around about their music, it seems that Unstoppable may just be that, another step on the ladder for a band who are already rising up through the ranks. Immediately hammering into being through title track Unstoppable the EP gets moving, harking towards Hoobastank initially before upping the tempo and backing up the claims that their music is indeed anthemic, big, dramatic and epic. Firmly rooted in the world of rock, there’s a real sense of catchiness flowing throughout the opening moments of the EP here, drawing the listener in with soaring choruses, hook filled arrangements and vocals that are sure to get you singing along. Evolving through the Dirty Mind, Empire Of Fools have managed to keep their EP progressing throughout despite it only being three tracks long. From raucous moments through to heart wrenching arrangements that will send shivers down your spine and leave you helpless to resist, there’s a track for everyone on offer here. Packed with hooks and sing-along melodies, Dirty Mind is without a doubt a stand out track on the EP, leading naturally onto the more chilled out and reflective tones of Better Day to close things off. It seems fitting that the final moments are perhaps the most reflective on the EP, leaving the listener satisfied that the EP has ticked all of the needed boxes, but unsure of how Empire Of Fools are going to follow it. There’s no doubt that Empire Of Fools have a style of music that’s going to appeal to fans of rock of all types, and with a live show that backs up Unstoppable, this is a band that we’re all going to be hearing a lot more from. Rating: 8.5/10 Words: Dave Nicholls