Emperor Chung

With a name like Emperor Chung it’s hard to know what to expect from a band, but with a one sheet that cites comparisons to the likes of Queen, Thin Lizzy, Coheed & Cambria and Alter Bridge, it’s hard not to sit up and take note. Formed in Ilkeston in Derbyshire (UK) in 2011, the band are now set to release their self-titled album on October 14, and based on past achievements this is a moment to make sure we pay attention to. Having already garnered support from the likes of Scuzz TV and Team Rock Radio, the band have played Download Festival, and will also be playing alongside the likes of The Darkness at the YNOT Festival, and Tesseract at Macmillanfest. Described as engaging and alluring, Emperor Chung have worked hard to get to this point, through intense gigging regimes, rehearsals, and constant pushing to reach the next level, and are now sat ready to unleash their sound upon the world. Not giving anything away through the initial moments of “Vow This Day,” Emperor Chung allow the track to build naturally before ushering in a sense of riff orientated groove laden power. With soaring vocals and a melodic backing, there’s a sense of old school rock n roll merged with a fresh outlook, capturing the imagination of the listener and showing what sound can be achieved when a band sets out to be different. Continuing through “To Bring Justice” and “Downpour,” Emperor Chung seem to be offering up a “how to” of the UK rock and metal scene, combining groove laden rock n roll with an almost NWOBHM style approach to some of the guitar work, demonstrating their roots and influences throughout. Stand out moments on the album include the mysterious yet alluring “Pyramid,” the laid back and ballad esque moments of “The Bloodline,” and penultimate track “Apex,” all of which not only pack a punch, but also demonstrate their desire to push the boundaries of the music they’re creating. Fast paced and in your face at times, whilst laid back and emotional at others, the album reaches its conclusion with “Free At Last,” signalling your release from the grips of Emperor Chung, but leaving a lasting memory of what you’ve just experienced. It would be impossible to put Emperor Chung into one specific genre as frankly, their style spans so many different approaches. With that said, their leaning to progressively styled classic rock is one which stands out, and one which is sure to reach out to listeners around the globe. Rating: 8/10 – Dave Nicholls