Emberville release video for \”Scare City\”

Post Hardcore band Emberville have released their \”Scare City\” music video from their new album of the same name which is available for purchase now on iTunes.

Watch Emberville\’s \”Scare City\” music video below:


Make sure you tell everyone how much we suck. xoxo #embervillesucks – Daniel Raschilla (Emberville)

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About Emberville:

Formed in the most isolated city in the world, Emberville have smashed through the music scene with their love it/hate it attitude, the post hardcore act are known for their live stage performance, bringing the live entertainment factor to the stage combining 80\’s style hard rock with post hardcore, things really started hyping up when they released their single \”Skeleton\” which features vocals from Escape The Fate\’s Craig Mabbitt hot off their Indonesian tour Emberville are set to bring out their long awaited album Scare City to the world, which has been under wraps for almost 3 years.