Ellefson-Soto release music video for \”Like A Bullet\”

On the heels of the recent release of the music video for “Vacation In The Underworld” that has been viewed over 125K times in 2 weeks, Ellefson-Soto are releasing the next piece of music from their upcoming debut album. The soon-to-be fan favorite “Like A Bullet” is now available on Spotify and all other digital streaming platforms. Fans that pre-order the album digitally via iTunes or Amazon will receive an instant download of “Like A Bullet” and “Vacation In The Underworld.” A music video for the song is now available everywhere and was shot in front of a green screen since the band members couldn’t be together in one location due to schedule conflicts. The video for “Like A Bullet” can be seen here: https://youtu.be/JtSxKqUs_EQ.

The partnership between GRAMMY® Award winning bassist David Ellefson and acclaimed metal vocalist Jeff Scott Soto has been years in the making. The new collaboration of Ellefson-Soto follows the tradition of successful individuals that joined forces to create memorable music: David Coverdale & Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi & Glenn Hughes, Tommy Shaw & Jack Blades, Michael Sweet & George Lynch to name a few examples. The metal duo is joined by Andy Martongelli on guitar and keys and Paulo Caridi on drums to unleash their debut album Vacation In The Underworld. The album is slated for released on October 7th via Rat Pak Records. The album features eleven tracks and three bonus recordings that demonstrates why Ellefson-Soto are considered legends by many in the metal world. The new album Vacation In The Underworld was produced by Chris Collier and is now available for pre-order via Rat Pak Records here: https://smarturl.it/EllefsonSoto.

From the fiery guitar lead of the album opener “Vacation In The Underworld” to the prog-metal fury of closer “Rise To Win,” Ellefson-Soto have created a debut that is sure to capture metal fans from all over the globe. Combining different styles of metal, songs like “Sharpen The Sword,” “The Revolution” and “Live To Die Another Day” showcase the various influences Ellefson-Soto have picked up over their four decades in music. Jade Etro from the Italian power metal band Frozen Crown makes a guest appearance on “The Day Before Tomorrow.” Steve Conley and Ken Mary from Flotsam and Jetsam perform on the title track “Vacation In The Underworld.”

The tracklisting for Vacation In The Underworld is:

1)    Vacation In The Underworld

2)    Like A Bullet

3)    Sharpen The Sword

4)    The Reason

5)    S.T.N.

6)    The Revolution

7)    Celebrity Trash

8)    Live To Die Another Day

9)    The Day Before Tomorrow

10)  Hercules

11)  Rise To Win

12)  Out Of The Blue (Bonus Track)

13)  Lone Star (Bonus Track)

14)  Writing On The Wall (Bonus Track)