Ego Kill Talent Share New Song \”Thousand Nails\”

Ego Kill Talent — Jonathan Dörr [vocals], Jean Dolabella [drums, guitar], Raphael Miranda [drums, bass], Niper Boaventura [guitar, bass], and Theo Van Der Loo [bass, guitar] — have shared the new song \”Thousand Nails.\” Listen here. \”\’Thousand Nails\’ is about how much we let ourselves be carried away by our pride — to the point of destroying wonderful works that we built together because we do not consider letting go,\” the band shares. The song, which features System of a Down\’s John Dolmayan, was premiered at the Space Zebra Twitch channel. Ego Kill Talent appeared on That Space Zebra Show on Twitch on Thursday, December 2 with the gang. Hosted by Bobby Schubenski (Blackcraft co-founder, Space Zebra founder), Josh Balz (ex-Motionless in White, Strange Kids), Terry \”Beez\” Bezer (metal media mogul), and their producer, Jake, the group brings music to the forefront of Twitch with fan engaging content and humor. Ego Kill Talent released their new album The Dance Between Extremes in March 2021. The record arrived with much acclaim from critics and from fellow musicians. The Brazilian band followed the album release with Ego Kill Talent: Acoustic, a series of three acoustic EPs. The final EP is out now and available here. It features \”Silence,\” \”Last Ride,\” Sins & Saints,\” and \”Sublimated.\”