Edge of Paradise- Mask

by Reggie Edwards Edge of Paradise has released their debut effort in Mask. Although the instrumentals are good and the vocals are good, the record is somewhat lacking and leaves the listener in limbo. \"\" Most of the instrumentals are decent throughout the record, but seem to be over the top in some areas and the vocals, though solid, would be much stronger if lead vocalist, Margarita Monet, offered up some screams or growls on the tracks. The majority of the album gives the feeling of a band of newcomers who are trying too hard to impress a crowd. Don’t get me wrong, these guys are very talented and many of the members are no rookies, as they have definitely been in the game for some time. However, I expected a lot more out of this one. The high-point of the record, though, is the title track, “Mask.” Lyrically strong, the song features some strong vocals and impressive guitar tracks. After listening to the record, one can’t help but wonder if Edge of Paradise can meet their full potential on their next release. Rating: 5/10