Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey review

After years of listening to Ed Sheeran and falling in love with his music and lyrics, I had no choice but to pick up his book, Ed Sheeran: A Visual Journey, the second it hit American bookstores. This eye-catching, lime green book is everything I anticipated and more. Ed Sheeran writes his story with humble ease. Starting from the beginning, he talks about what sparked his interest in music and which bands he looked up to as a kid. He continues on through his career, providing insights into his rise to stardom that many were not privy too before, such as how he really felt about spending so much time couch surfing. Readers also get an insight on what it was like to work with Taylor Swift, as well as advice for young musicians pursuing a similar dream. As he says himself, Ed Sheeran’s book is just the beginning of his tale. His is still young, with so much more to accomplish, none of which will be any problem at all if he continues on his path of staying true to himself. In addition to his own words, Sheeran teamed up with artist friend, Phllip Butah, to create the visual part of this book. Butah has been drawing Sheeran since he was young and continues on today. The various mediums Butah uses to capture his friend during the different points in his life never cease to be intricate and breathtaking. They add an element to the book that lifts it to another level that fans of both men will appreciate. Also included at the end of the book is a section written by Butah on his career and advice to other aspiring artists. Rating: 10/10 -Nicole Cooper