Echosmith Returns With New Single “Hang Around”

Multi-platinum alt-pop trio Echosmith are back with a brand-new era and have released their new single “Hang Around.” PRESS HERE to listen.
“Hang Around” introduces a creative period for the band that is both an evolution and a return to their roots as they strip back the pop polish, embrace their true indie spirit and head into an alt-pop direction that best represents the original musical heart of the band. Falling in love again with making the music that they want to make together as siblings and inspired by their life experiences over the past few years that have brought personal growth and newfound independence, Sydney, Noah, and Graham Sierota are in full creative control and gearing up to release more music this year.
“Hang Around” is an open and honest love song about being destined to be together, loving each other despite the imperfections, and becoming the best version of yourself in the relationship. Echosmith builds a gorgeously airy atmosphere around the track’s bold but tender expression of unabashed affection. A delicate collision of hypnotic sonic details—glistening guitar tones, radiant harmonies, interlocking melodies, a breezy yet propulsive rhythm—the track centers on a crystalline vocal performance from Sydney, who telegraphs her infatuation in beautifully dreamlike poetry.
“Hang Around” was written solely by the band and was self-produced by Noah Sierota with assistant production from their big brother and former band member Jamie Sierota.
“‘Hang Around’ truly defined and set the tone for this next chapter. The process of making the song actually reflects the whole meaning behind the lyrics. We wanted to talk about our relationships, and how when a love feels so right, there’s no way we could’ve planned it ourselves. So all you want to do is be around it. On a hot August day, we went into the studio and wrote ‘Hang Around’ in just a few hours. We listened back the next day and knew right away that this was the direction for our new music,\” shares Sydney.
Ever since their triple-platinum hit “Cool Kids” became a ubiquitous anthem for self-acceptance, Echosmith has viewed music as a way to care for souls. For the band, music is a vehicle to understand themselves better and discover joys, fears and a whole spectrum of emotions that can lead others to make discoveries for themselves and open up conversations that can foster love, understanding, and kindness.
There is much more to come from Echosmith in 2022 – stay tuned for announcements coming soon.