DVD Review: WWE NXT- From Secret To Sensation

Ever since being repackaged in 2012, NXT hasn’t just become a developmental territory for WWE, it’s become a completely separate brand. Its popularity is unparalleled and the majority of the WWE Superstars we see every week on Raw and SmackDown came from NXT at some point. It hasn’t exactly been a slow build for NXT, either- things started to heat up in 2014, when the WWE Network came into existence and it’s been fun to watch ever since. Not long ago, WWE released a DVD collection to remember the top matches in NXT history and now they’ve released another one- Secret To Sensation, which features many of the most memorable matches in NXT’s history but it also features at top 25 countdown of the top NXT Superstars up to this point, many of which you may either not remember came through NXT or you may not even know they did because it was so early. The list can be seen below:
  • #25 – Rusev
  • #24 – Big E
  • #23 – Corey Graves
  • #22 – Bo Dallas
  • #21 – Ember Moon
  • #20 – Cesaro
  • #19 – Tye Dillinger
  • #18 – Tyler Breeze
  • #17 – Baron Corbin
  • #16 – Becky Lynch
  • #15 – Bray Wyatt
  • #14 – Neville
  • #13 – Samoa Joe
  • #12 – Paige
  • #11 – Alexa Bliss
  • Tag Teams
  • #10 – Charlotte Flair
  • #9 – Bobby Roode
  • #8 – Bayley
  • #7 – Kevin Owens
  • #6 – Sasha Banks
  • #5 – Sami Zayn
  • #4 – Shinsuke Nakamura
  • #3 – Seth Rollins
  • #2 – Asuka
  • #1 – Finn Bálor
  • The Future
There isn’t one single Superstar on this list that doesn’t deserve to be there. It’s also great to see them including a few current NXT Superstars on the list as well because some of them can already be considered all-time greats. The highlight of the DVD is that we see many past and present NXT Superstars discussing each Superstar and Team highlighted, making it more than just a highlight reel- it shows how close these men and women really are and how close of a family environment NXT truly is. As always, this is a beautifully-crafted and strategically-constructed DVD collection from WWE and they do NXT justice in every way with NXT: From Secret To Sensation. -Reggie Edwards\"\"