DVD Review: WWE 30 Years Of Survivor Series

One of the most popular shows on the WWE Network is The WWE List- they also used to produce WWE Countdown- shows which focus on one specific subject in WWE and feature various Superstars, Legends and celebrities discussing each each item on the countdown. WWE have recently put together a DVD set to commemorate the 30th anniversary of their landmark PPV- Survivor Series- a collection that features their popular countdown setup but takes it in a different direction. Highlighting 30 historic moments in Survivor Series history, this countdown goes fast and doesn’t feature much commentary on each moment. They give a backstory on each one and show the event and move on- which works very, very well as they don’t waste too much time and get right down to it. Whether it’s the downfall of the WCW/ECW Alliance at Survivor Series 2001 to end the Invasion Angle, The Undertaker’s classic debut, Goldberg’s triumphant 2016 return and squash of Brock Lesnar or the infamous Montreal Screwjob [which will probably never be beaten], pretty much every major moment in the history of Survivor Series is highlighted. The only moment that could be questioned for being in the top 30 is from 2015 when Roman Reigns won the WWE Championship Tournament for Seth Rollins’ vacated Title but was defeated when Sheamus cashed in Money. Who knows, though, maybe it belongs, maybe it doesn’t. One thing is for sure, though- this countdown and bonus matches are put together so well, any WWE fan will be happy to have it. COUNTDOWN: #30 – Where It All Began #29 – Darkness Returns #28 – A Hero’s Quest #27 – 5:15 #26 – The World Champ is Here #25 – Return to Paradise #24 – Honeymoon is Over #23 – From the Grave #22 – Smashed #21 – Blast Off #20 – Championship Material #19 – Slaying the Beast #18 – Ultimate Shock #17 – Crash & Burn #16 – Throw It In #15 – Dropping a Bombshell #14 – Screwjob Avoided! #13 – Heartbroken #12 – Diesel Power #11 – Nail in the Coffin #10 – 6 Men Enter… #9 – Justice for All #8 – Never Before, Never Again #7 – Rattlesnake Down #6 – Vigilante #5 – Mega Match #4 – Blue Chipper #3 – Winner Take All #2 – Corporate Takeover #1 – Chaos in Canada -Reggie Edwards