DVD Review: WWE 1997: Dawn Of The Attitude

Even though it really didn’t last a decade, there is arguably no era in WWE as influential and talked about as The Attitude Era- it set the stage for the WWE we have today and was instrumental in the history of not just WWE, but pro wrestling in general.

WWE puts out a DVD collection to commemorate the era quite often but they all have their own identity and play a vital role in telling the story of one of the most exciting times in wrestling history- and this time they’ve released 1997: Dawn Of The Attitude, which features five of the most crucial men from that time- Ron Simmons [Farooq, The Acolytes, APA], Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley [Mankind, Dude Love, Cactus Jack], Charles Wright [The Godfather, Papa Shango, Kama Mustafa] and Kane.

Moderated and hosted by Rene Young, these legends go out of character to shed some light into some of the most memorable and iconic moments from The Attitude Era but also discuss some of the lesser known times from the era as well as some of the things fans may not even know about.

They discuss the beginning of The Attitude Era and how some of the characters evolved and why they turned into what they became- including The Rock, Triple H, the evolution of Mick Foley’s “Three Faces” and more- as well as some of the storylines and moments that completely flopped, backfired and just didn’t go as planned.

Touched on as well is the shifting from WWE being a wrestling television program to a show focusing on storytelling and characters.

They also touch the importance of Chyna- which was a huge surprise given how rarely she’s mentioned on WWE TV, as well as some of the people backstage who were actually uncomfortable with a lot of the content being broadcast by the WWE at the time- some of which you would never expect.

In the end, 1997: Dawn Of The Attitude is perfectly crafted and beautifully put-together. It’s definitely a must-have for any long-time wrestling fan and a mandatory history lesson for anyone just getting their feet wet and starting their wrestling fandom.

  • Evolution & Transformation
  • Pulling the Curtain Back
  • Epic Storytelling
  • No Limitations
  • Rise of Stone Cold
  • RAW is WAR
  • Guerrilla Programming
  • Divas Emerge
  • Canadian Pride
  • Evolution of HHH
  • Faces of Foley
  • Know Your Role
  • Uncertainty
  • Developmental Switch
  • BSK & The Kliq?
  • Ensuring Success

-Reggie Edwards