DSGNS Helps Out Mans Best Friend

\"download\"In the midst of the immeasurable levels of post election dread being experienced by millions throughout the country, we thought it was fitting to bring you one of those “feel good” moments. Within the current state of the media/social media, the public is normally only privy to the times that an artist or band seems to, figuratively, “Shit The Bed”. It’s easier and much more lucrative to make ones bad decisions or shortcomings the focal point of an article or tweet. Rather than shining a light on the negatives, we thought it was time to shift gears.

Austin, TX Metal / Noisecore band DSGNS recently split the proceeds from a concert between the Camden County Animal Shelter and a local Austin shelter. What makes this act more special is that DSGNS is an unsigned band and most assuredly isn’t rolling in Jay-Z cash or sleeping on bags of hundred dollar bills. Yet, Jake Raines, Jeremy Hrabal, Stephen Sanchez, Ian Sabo & Keith Hernandez still felt compelled to help out. So, to DSGNS, everyone at The Front Row Report tips out caps for you! Head over to DSGNS Bandcamp page and buy some music or Merch. You can also donate to your local animal shelter (God knows there are more than enough to chose from!) or the Camden County Animal Shelter.