Drowning Pool- Resilience review


by Reggie Edwards

Resilience, the latest from rock veterans Drowning Pool, could not be a more fitting title. In fact, Drowning Pool may just be the most underrated band in all of rock.

Over the years, Drowning Pool have battled death, drugs and numerous frontman changes, yet they keep releasing outstanding albums.

Resilience is the perfect fit for an album title this time around with yet another change at the lead spot as Jasen Moreno replaces Ryan McCombs.

It\’s seemed like the band just hasn\’t been able to find that perfect fit to replace original frontman Dave Williams, who passed after their debut. Moreno, however, may be that final piece the band needs.

Resilience has a different sound than previous Drowning Pool releases but that’s to be expected with a new singer. This record packs a serious punch- not that the other albums haven’t- but this one is full of powerful, ballsy, kick-to-the-ass rock anthems that have the most attitude since their debut, Sinner.

Not to mention the powerful \”In Memory Of,\” which you can\’t help but wonder if it\’s a tribute to Williams.

If Moreno stays permanently we may be on the verge of Drowning Pool’s biggest break yet. Resilience is a true testament to the longevity and tenacity of Drowning Pool and those who overlook this album are truly robbing themselves.

Rating: 9/10