Dracena: Ravenous Bloodlust review

Today’s metal world is seeing an uprising of female-fronted bands. One of the downsides to that, though is that there are numerous bands emerging who aren’t good or don’t have what it takes to make their mark who are just trying to jump on the wagon. Dracena are NOT one of those bands; in fact, they aren’t even newcomers- not in the slightest. Translated to “Demonic Women,” and formed in 1994 in Gothenberg, Sweden, the band has had predominantly female members with the occasional exception, and their latest offering, an EP titled Ravenous Bloodlust, showcases their longevity and sums up what their all about- in-your-face, punch-you-in-the-cock metal. If Kittie was dark and borderline sinister, they would be Dracena- Ravenous Bloodlust has everything you’d want from a female metal album and should give them a boost to the U.S. metal scene without a problem. Ravenous Bloodlust is just that- ravenous; it hits and it hits hard. This is what metal is all about, so grab it when it comes out in late January, turn it on and prepare to get slaughtered. Rating: 9/10 -Reggie Edwards