Doyle and Mushroomhead team up to pulverize Indianapolis

Indianapolis\’ Vogue Theater was recently the home for a night of horror, water drums, masked metallers, crowd surfing bands and die-hard metal fans when Mushroomhead, Doyle and With Our Arms To The Sun came though on their current tour. The night started courtesy of With Our Arms To The Sun, who were more of an experimental, progressive instrumental metal band. They played a short 20-minute set but didn\’t leave without making a few new fans out of the small crowd that had done the right thing and come out early to catch the supporting band- if more fans did that there would probably more rock and metal bands making it these days. It wasn\’t long after they finished up that the legendary and almighty Doyle took the stage for a set that included a lot of material from his solo debut- Abominator- as well as some classic Misfits tracks. It\’s been a long road for Doyle getting to the current Abominator Tour. A few tours had been lined up last year but obstacles got in the way. 2015 has seen him out on the road nonstop- with a headline run earlier this year and now on the road with Mushroomhead. He also has one of the best bands around him to help support the record- Alex Story of Cancer Slug on vocals, Anthony “Tiny” Biuso on drums and DieTrich Thrall of Beauty And Suffering on bass. [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Doyle and Mushroomhead in Indy/Doyle/\”] They all do the album pure justice and Story recorded the record with Doyle so he knows exactly what Abominator is all about. They came out strong and finished strong. While the crowd may not have been the biggest, they were definitely dedicated and came to rock, that was clear. Story made sure to get up close and personal with the fans on numerous occasions and Doyle did exactly what Doyle does best- shredded on the axe and blew everyone away with how immaculate his skills are- there\’s no denying why he\’s one of the greatest of all time- and one of the biggest influences to this day. They finished the crowd off with a few Misfits songs- “Last Caress,” “Die Die Die My Darling” and more, much to the fans\’ pleasure. As if that wasn\’t enough, Mushroomhead took the stage to really finish off the night of destruction. They kicked it off with “Qwerty,” while each member took turns slowly creeping their way onto the stage. The put the power at the very beginning with “Bwomp,” “Our Apologies,” “Sun Doesn\’t Rise” and “Solitaire Unraveling,” with various members coming into the crowd for each song and even crowd surfing. Mushroomhead has always taken pride in getting the crowd involved in every way possible and Indy was no exception. By the end of the night, everyone had gotten to be part of the show in some way and left ready to see Mushroomhead and Doyle again. It won\’t be long, either, as Mushroomhead comes through Indianapolis quite often. With Doyle and his band finishing up work on their next album, it shouldn\’t be long before we get a taste of the guitar legend again too. -Reggie Edwards [lg_slideshow folder=\”2015/Doyle and Mushroomhead in Indy/Mushroomhead/\”] Pre-show interview with Doyle and singer Alex Story: