Doyle announces headline dates

Doyle (featuring legenday ex-Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein) have announced their next batch of headline dates withHEAVYGRINDER offering support. This leg of the \”Abominator Tour 2015\” kicks off on April 21st in Midland, Texas working its way from the south to the east coast wrapping up on May 3rd in Brooklyn, New York.

Doyle Abominator Tour 2015 Headline Dates:

April 21 – Blue Max – Midland, TX April 22 – Red 7 – Austin, TX April 23 – Scout Bar – Houston, TX April 24 – Diablo Music Fest – San Antonio, TX April 25 – Jake\’s – Lubbock, TX April 26 – Three Links – Dallas, TX April 29 – The Warehouse – Clarksville, TN May 01 – The Lost Horizon – Syracuse, NY May 02 – V Club – Huntington, WV May 03 – Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY

Ticket & show info can be found HERE.

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EX-Misfit guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein breaks new ground with His first Solo Record as “DOYLE”

Released on Doyle\’s own label, Monsterman RecordsAbominator is a sonically thick and lyrically evil slab of horrorpunk tinged metal that finds Doyle expanding in a logical progression upon the genre of music he helped create. Doyle\’s first band, the infamous Glenn Danzig-fronted Misfits, helped create the genre of speed/thrash metal with their last album, 1983\’s Earth AD/Wolf\’s Blood– in fact, the record has been revered as one of the blueprints for the genre by many of its most respected players, as evidenced by countless groups covering the album\’s songs, not the least of which being MetallicaAbominatoris not the sound of some punk guitarist gone metal- it\’s the roaring return of one of extreme metal\’s original architects to his bloodsplattered drawing board.

Recording both guitar and bass tracks for the album, the unmistakable sound of Doyle\’s signature Annihilator guitar cuts through on every tune, starting with the snarling opening title track “Abominator\” fans of the Misfits will recognize it right away. But the guitar tracks rip through the record with much heavier metallic force than his previous bands\’s recordings – in short it\’s the sound he\’s been trying to capture all along, and it\’s positively malevolent.! While the horror punk vibe of The Misfits does permeate the album (as it should), the guitar work on Abominator is more technical (and far meatier) than your average punk rock record! With guitar, bass, and drums laid down (live show bass duty is handled by fellow Jersey native, \”Left Hand\” Graham), the vocals for Abominator claw their way out of an unlikely locale- the American Deep South. Coming from a legendary band of almost mythological proportions, and having first worked with one of punk and metal\’s most talented and respected vocalists (the infamous Glenn Danzig), Doyle\’s new project would need a singer with brass balls, cast-iron pipes, a suitably twisted mind, and his own vocal delivery style. Enter Alabama\’s Alex Story of Cancerslug, a Southern fiend who more than meets all of the afore-mentioned qualifications. His sand-blasted scream opens the record, and the evil doesn\’t relent until the ending growl of \”Hope Hell Is Warm\”, the album\’s defiant closer. The man can scream and sing, and employs both styles to great effect, switching seamlessly from raw-throated roars to rough-edged, yet melodic, horror punk-style clean vocals.

With the release of Abominator, Doyle and company are set to hit the road and bring the monster to life on stages far and wide. Anyone who has seen Doyle play classic Misfits songs on tour with Danzig over the last few years already knows what an imposing stage presence he has- in truth, imposing isn\’t a strong enough word to describe this behemoth of a man. He\’s actually pretty damn terrifying, and the horror- punk aesthetic he helped create has been maintained through the years, from the skull white face and wicked devil lock to his massive bloody hands- that\’s real blood, by the way. Watching Doyle hammer such heavy tones out of a guitar, one wonders how the damn thing is going to make it through just one song, much less an entire set. With an absolutely vicious new album of songs, a wild-eyed wolf- man of a singer, a ghoulish jackhammer on the drums, a road-tested bassist, and a really loud blood-soaked guitar rig, Doyle will be destroying a venue near you soon. \”It\’s time to hit the road for real and take this as far as it will go. We\’re fucking ready\” he says. And what can fans expect at a Doyle show?

To get fucking pummeled, man. And then go home and ask themselves \’What the fuck just happened to me?!?”…! ! Loud, aggressive, and technically proficient, Doyle and crew are set to show the world how true horror metal sounds today.

So crank up Abominator until your speakers blow, check out Doyle on tour soon, and let the beatings begin. Hail horror!