Dorydrive: Here\’s To You review

The rock world is always evolving and changing. Numerous bands are emerging who don’t sound at all like what rock was once known as. Dorydrive are one of those bands and their latest record, Here’s to You showcases this on a grand level. Dorydrive aren’t the rock band you’d expect from a band who’ve toured with Alice Cooper, Iron Maiden, Pop Evil, Hinder or Hollywood Undead. You’d probably expect something heavy, hard, dirty, sexual and line-crossing. That’s not what you’ll get when you turn on Here’s to You. No, not in the least bit and you’ll probably be taken aback by it with how surprised you’ll be. Don’t let that affect your final opinion on the band, though. So many bands today stick to a formula and sound that’s been forced upon rock bands today. Sure, there are certain aspects you need to have and keep strong but there’s no reason a rock band can’t venture outside the box and that’s what Dorydrive has done here. There’s no one set genre and sound to Dorydrive. Some songs have a pop feel, some have country while others have a subtle rock presence that’s strong enough to keep the diehard rockers interested and happy. With songs chock-full of personal lyrics and heart-wrenching vocals, Dorydrive are set to make their mark and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to reach the level of stardom and headline status. If you’re a rock purist, give this one a listen, you might find something fresh that you’ll love. Rating: 8/10 -Reggie Edwards