Dog Fashion Disco, Psychostick and The Bunny The Bear destroy Emerson on Merica Fuck Yeah Tour

Recently Dog Fashion Disco’s ‘Merica Fuck Yeah tour graced Indianapolis’s Emerson Theater with what can only be described as a macabre circus act and what a wonderful circus it was. The night was filled to the brim with offbeat metal acts, which finally have a showcase of their own.

While normally one might breeze in shortly after the local acts, a few of them stood out this time around. Death Collector put on a decent thrash sound.  A little more polish and these boys might start seeing themselves at some bigger venues.  Awaiting Sacrifice also had a good sound, but needs a bit more stage presence to really get the crowd involved. However for local acts, both bands where impressive.

As the local acts closed and the headliners began, The Bunny, The Bear exploded onto the stage, dropping ever audience members jaw to the floor. Their strange fusion of electronica and hardcore carried well through the act. As their set continued the crowd seemed awestruck.  The twisted cabaret had begun.

Shortly after, Psychostick took the stage. With their large hats and laugh minute antics in full shine, the crowd fell in love with the clowns of the evening.  They were able to hit all of the crowd favorites and keep the crowd laughing all the way through.  Good metal and great laughs, what more could you ask for?

Then the stage went dark and the avant garde giants themselves came to the stage, Dog Fashion Disco. The crowd was immediately in frenzy. The chaotic cabaret held true to their style and showed the crowd a good time, hitting all of the best hits and even overcoming a few technical difficulties along the way.

This was a show to remember. Get out there and catch the ‘Merica Fuck Yeah tour before it disappears.