Dirty Thrills: Growling Young review

\"GrowlingDespite only forming in late 2012, edgy rock n roll-orientated Dirty Thrills are already causing quite a stir, with a style that tips its hat to Led Zeppelin whilst incorporating the groove of Queens Of The Stoneage and the song writing of Jack White, and their upcoming EP, Growing Young. Whilst young in terms of band longevity, Dirty Thrills developed an instant bond within the band, largely due to the mutual love for edgy rock n roll. With powerful vocals, solid riffs and a rhythmic yet deep and powerful low end, Dirty Thrills have set out to pitch in your face rock n roll style music with modern blues rock, loading their sound with the rock n roll swagger that listeners would expect to ooze out of an EP like Growing Young. Not content though with the release of their debut EP, Dirty Thrills have also already begun work on their debut album with a release date scheduled for later this year, so now really is time to jump on board and check things out. “Shivers” certainly manages to capture the essence of old school rock n roll from the off, launching the listener into a powerful melee of solid riffery and soaring vocal lines, demonstrating the influences behind the music of Dirty Thrills and ushering the listener into a sense of familiarity. Growing Young continues this approach with aplomb, taking the approach of the opening track to a new level whilst still managing to keep the idea of catchy, blues orientated rock at the forefront of their sound. Sounding akin to a toned down version of Black Stone Cherry in some ways, the sound on offer here isn’t over the top of offensive, isn’t heavy or trying to be something it’s not, instead offering up straight down the line rock n roll, and it’s refreshing to hear. Moving onto “Drunk Words” we’re presented with what first seems to be a ballad style track, before soon enough propelling the sound once more into the distorted and groove orientated approach that Dirty Thrills hammer out with such aplomb. Catchy and purpose built for the live scene, this stand out moment on the EP is almost a step by step guide to the band, showcasing their style and inviting the listener in to listen a little more closely. Closing with “You’re In Trouble,” the EP comes to a close much as it began, finishing on a riff orientated melee of hammering drums, pulsating bass rhythms and soaring vocal lines. Whilst short at only 4 tracks long, Growing Young closes as it should, leaving the listener wanting more. Whilst many bands claim to be striving to bring back old school rock n roll, there are very few out there who can actually play it properly, let alone put together tracks that will connect with fans of the genre and time period. Dirty Thrills are the exception, they’re here, their sound is primed, and taking over the world is in their sights. And you know what………. they might just do it. Rating: 10/10 -Dave Nicholls