Dio: Finding the Sacred Heart Live in Philly review

\"DioNot enough can be said of legendary singer Ronnie James Dio. The man has influenced so many musicians and, when he passed away a few years ago, his music did not. On May 28, a new collection will be released to commemorate the legendary singer’s life, with  Dio: Finding the Sacred Heart Live in Philly.

This 1986 concert has been re-mastered and released on virtually every platform imaginable to give Dio fans the full experience of being front-and-center for the Dio show that included every Dio hit and a few Black Sabbath favorites from his time in the band.

It sure doesn’t feel like three years have passed since the legend left us, let alone 27 years since this concert, but upon pressing play on this concert, it’s like no time has passed at all.

Whether you’re a fan of early Dio, the later years, or all of the man’s material, this is the collection for you.

Then there’s the DVD- a visual treat if there ever was one. Completely re-mastered from the original film from the concert, the DVD captures Dio in his prime.

With his elaborate stage set up adorned with dragons, fireworks and more, seeing this concert in its entirety shows what Dio was all about and will make any fan pull out their Dio collection and blare it for hours.

Rating: 10/10

– Reggie Edwards