Digits: Acquiesce To Violence review

\"Digits\"With a sound likened to being the “backwater cousins” of the likes of Glassjaw, Hundred Reasons and Reuben, North East UK-based Digits are set to release their debut EP, Acquiesce To Violence, on November 11, signalling the start of their drive for world domination. Formed out of the ashes of previous band Cut Glass Accent, Digits formed with the aim of delivering a compelling sound with a leaning towards progressive, experimental, and yet accessible. Following stints gigging and writing material, the band stepped forth at the end of 2012 with the material completed for Acquiesce to Violence, the record we’re now faced with. With descriptions already rolling in along the lines of “rammed full of sonic sledgehammer fists-in-the-air choruses and explosive rhythms that promise to melt your ears”, there’s no doubting that Digits are taking the UK by storm, so what of the record? From the opening moments of “Acquiesce” the progressive and experimental elements of Digits become clear, opening with syncopated approach that’s sure to divide opinion, yet connect with fans of the more “out-there” style of music. Firmly orientated around a solid riff backing, the opening moments of the EP signal the start of an exciting new age in music, a time where experimental style progressive rock is merged with sing-along, almost Biffy Clyro style catchiness to attract a more diverse listener base. This is a theme which is continued into “Golden,” once again managing to balance along the narrow route between disjointed progressiveness and catchy stadium style rock music. Uplifting and powerful, it’s immediately obvious why “Golden” was chosen to be the first single from the record, demonstrating Digits radio friendly edge. Hammering into “Visceral” and “Violence” there’s a continued push to develop the sound on offer from Digits, demonstrating through track after track that they’re not a one trick pony and do have the ability to deliver the goods as and when required. Continuing to balance the raw power at hand with a catchy sense of technical ability, allowing the listener to become fully involved with what they’re hearing without becoming overbearing or over the top. Firmly within this vein, the closing moments of the radio edit of “Golden” and bonus track, “Livers,” leave no doubt that Acquiesce To Violence hasn’t just been a record we’ve listened to, but an experience that the band has led us through. With progressive and experimental style rock and metal continuing to divide opinions whilst still attracting a solid, loyal following, there’s no doubt that there is space in the market for a band like Digits. Based on their EP, and providing their live show achieves the same levels, this is a band set to rise and rise from here on in. Rating: 8.5/10 – Dave Nicholls