Die No More

\"DieImagine the tortured bastard offspring of Bullet For My Valentine, Metallica and Anthrax, and the sound you envisage is getting somewhere close to that on offer from Die No More, a UK based metal unit who are set to release their debut EP Blueprint, on Monday the 9th of September. Setting forth to create modern metal with a classically influenced twist, the band offer what can only be described as an ‘enticing mix of chunky metal that definitely delivers a devastating blow’. The bands statement that they have ‘blended a touch of Bullet For My Valentine to produce an EP that is both heavy and radio friendly’ seems to ring true as the opening moments of Council Of War comes into being, mixing their distorted riffs with a progression packed with hooks. Forging their sound through thrash orientated approaches accompanied by the more modern approach to metal that has been so popular since the nu-metal years 10 or so  years ago, Die No More have balanced the distortion against the melody in a manner that presents us with an accessible and approachable, cohesive sound. With Nightmares this approach continues, once again launching into a radio friendly melee of metal-esque riffs and chest shaking rhythms, pushing their sound further into the realms of lead line led stadium metal on Oblivious and finishing the bout with the knockout blow from Conscious Indecision, bringing the EP to a close. With a scene that’s begging to be reinvigorated, Die No More seem to have chosen a perfect moment to unleash their sound, and providing they can back it up on the live scene, could well be a band we hear a lot more about in the near future. Rating: 9/10 -Dave Nicholls