The Devil Wears Prada: Space review

The Devil Wears Prada have been in the game for awhile- roughly 10 years now. After releasing five full length albums, two EPs, and fourteen singles, it’s safe to say they know their way around the music industry. TDWP announced their return to Rise Records with confidence, commenting that Rise compliments their process by allowing them to work and create on their own terms. Despite news of the departure of guitarist Chris Rubey, Space EP has been eagerly anticipated by both new and veteran fans. When a band decides on a concept album or EP, they agree to walk a tightrope that hovers above making a cheesy, commercialized product that fails to represent who they are as artists. With their experience, however, TDWP have been able to create a cohesive collection with thoughtful themes and clear intention. TDWP brings the edge of their earlier work to the skill and experience of their 8:18 days. Much harder than their previous album, it’s understandable why Space EP tracks were played during the tour in which the band celebrated Zombie EP. Space is a sort of middle-ground between the band’s two newest releases in terms of intensity and general “hardness.” That being said, the artistry in Space is also kind of a middle ground as well. Zombie was almost crudely brutal- like smashing shit up with a sledge hammer. 8:18 had more skill, and focused less on the force and more on intention, like pounding in nails. Space is a happy medium of the two, like blacksmithing. Either way, shit is still getting hit because it’s TDWP, but, thankfully to the music industry, there’s more than one way to swing a hammer. All in all, The Devil Wears Prada is still in the process of finding their comfort zone, which is always difficult to do after a two-year break. Regardless of time, the guys stepped it up and were able to get into the swing of things when producing Space EP. Be prepared for a killer show if you have the opportunity to go out and see these guys- they aren’t messing around. Rating: 9/10 -Kelly Fox