Dethklok- Dethalbum III review


by Hans Jaeger

Virtual band Dethklok from the poplar show Metalocolypse have done it again. They are back with even more rip-roaring riffs and off-the-wall songs on Dethalbum III.

From the opening song “I Ejaculate Fire,” it becomes clear any fan of the show is in for a tantalizing treat of metal and satire.

Throughout the album the heavy speedy riffs that Dethklok have become known for are everywhere. However at a few moments, namely “Crush the Industry,” they show a bit slower- a more chugging style. It makes for a good blend of what we expect from them with just enough of a twist to keep their sound fresh.

As to be expected the lyrical content ranges from the hilarious to the downright obscene. However, what else would you expect from Dethklok

Overall, Dethalbum III is another great feast of metal for the masses and a delightfully satirical blended with truly good death metal.

Rating: 9/10