Deep Purple- Now What?! review

  \"Now by Reggie Edwards One of the biggest debates in rock today is who isn’t in the Hall of Fame that should be. Every year Deep Purple’s name comes up. Rightly so- they paved the way for any band to ever grace a stage. Their riffs and licks are some of the most famous. Everyone knows “Smoke on the Water” and almost everyone who plays music will tell you Deep Purple had some sort of influence on them. Their latest album, Now What?!, captures the very essence of Deep Purple. After all these years, the English rockers can still play- Ian Gillan’s pipes are still at top notch and the rest of the band is at the top of their game as always. You’ve got the signature Deep Purple riffs and guitar shreds, you’ve got that classic Deep Purple organ- everything you could possibly want, you’ve got with Now What?! It’s been 45 years since their debut, Shades of Deep Purple, and the band’s still got it- putting out an album that just rocks on every level. Rating: 9/10