Deathpoint\’s Tom Emmans talks joining the band and new album

Deathpoint may be a new band on the scene but their sound is far from it. With a new singer in the fold, their latest record, Sinister, is primed to take the band to another level. Usually, a singer change causes so many changes within a band- maybe the band and former singer are on bad terms, the fans don’t take to the new singer well or the change is so different the band doesn’t even sound the same anymore- that it’s hard for the band to continue on. This isn’t the case with Deathpoint, who, with Sinister, accomplish what so few bands have done- improving with a new frontman. New singer Tom Emmans recently sat down with The Front Row Report to talk about some of the changes, coming into the band and where the dynamic of the band has traveled since he joined. Stream the entire interview below: