Deadlock: The Arrival review

\"TheGerman Metal crew Deadlock may have started in 1997 as Death Metal, but those hardcore beginnings seem like they are a lifetime away from the band they are today. Their first couple of EP’s were straight up Death Metal. It wasn’t until the release of their first full length “The Arrival” in 2002, that the band started exploring their more melodic side. Even using keyboards and having a female guest vocalist. Each subsequent release saw them expanding more and more on their more melodic side and the band evolved  into a six piece. The band’s sound, is a combination of several different genres blended seemlessly into one cohesive musical direction. Complete with breakneck lead guitars and pummeling breakdowns. The band shifts back and forth between musical styles effortlessly and the use of both heavy male and clean female vocals gives the music depth. Over the years, the band went through many line-up and label changes. They continued to experiment with their sound until finally finding their own musical identity. The album “The Arsonist” is the bands 6th full length and first for Napalm. It is quite evident that the band is finally comfortable in it’s own skin and has a clear vision for their future. They have come into their own as a unit and the songs reflect that maturity. The band itself is composed of clean vocalist – Sabine Scherer (Weniger), heavy vocalist – John Gahlert, drummer – Tobias Graf, guitarist/bassist – Ferdinand Rewicki and gutarist – Sebastian Reichl. The album starts off very strong with the ultra heavy, but extremely melodic “The Great Pretender.” The song reminds me of Tristania, but the guitar solo if ripped right from the Dragonforce playbook. “I’m Gone,” is more straight up hard rock tune that sounds like Hydrogyn and has a very catchy chorus. “Dead City Sleepers,” combines the music of KoRn with the vocals of Lizzy Hale. Both “The Arsonist” and “Darkness Divine,” have a Machine Head type verse, paired up with a Delain style chourus and are very impressive. From there, the cd tears into high gear with “As We Come Undone.” A tune that bears a strong resemblence to the heavier side of Amaranthe. “Hurt,” is a beautiful stripped down ballad, reminisant of Halestorm or Evanescence, that has a slow build to an epic crescendo.  “The Final Storm” is a very heavy, Disturbed meets Amon Amarth track that has the unclean male vocals up front and in your face. “Small Twon Boy” is an out of this world Bronski Beat cover that obliterates the original. “My Pain,” is very commercial Heavy Metal. It closes the album as stronly as it began. Here’s the bottom line. If you already know this killer band, then this disc is a must, as it is the best thing they have done to date. If you don’t know them, but like bands such as Xandria, Tristania, Amaranthe or Lacuna Coil. Then there is something here for you to enjoy too. Very impressive and highly recommended. 8 out of 10. -Eric Hunker