DEAD BY WEDNESDAY Releases Innovative New Music Video Featuring Stop Motion Building Bricks

DEAD BY WEDNESDAY released their brand new animated stop motion music video for their single \”Mars in Exile.\” The drummer\’s 8-year-old son, Orion St. Lawrence, inspired the story & concept, and designed the building brick band characters. You can also see some of the footage he originally shot with real building brick figures projected on the screens during the guitar solo. The video was directed by Sal DelGreco, who also did all of the voice acting. The kick ass animation was done by Paul Stamper. The single is taken from their brand new album Capital Conspiracy, that released June 24th, 2022 on Mindsnap Music / Salt of the Earth Records. This new album from DBW is a total lesson in authentic musical aggression and was produced by Nicky Bellmore (drummer & producer of Dee Snider, Corpse Grinder, & Jasta). DBW’s album is available in stores as well as anywhere music is streamed or downloaded. Capital Conspiracy also hit # 1 on the nationally renown NACC Top 30 Loud – Hard Rock Radio Charts!

WATCH Dead By Wednesday – “Mars in Exile” (LEGO music video):

Grab the album Capital Conspiracy here:

In addition, DBW announced their debut European Tour starting April 1st and ending April 16th, dubbed “The Sick As Fuck” Euro Tour 2023.


1. Invincible

2. Mars in Exile

3. Here Comes the Dead

4. The Wake

5. Darkened Times

6. Antahkarana

7. Sludge

8. S.O.S.

9. Wasteland

10. Pawns 2022