Dead Kennedys: Live in Australia

4 piece band comprising of the remaining members of 1978 punk band from San Francisco. The Dead Kennedys are East Bay Ray – Guitars, Klaus Flouride – Bass, D. H. Peligro – Drums & Ron \”Skip\” Greer – Vocals. There have been seven other members of the band over the last 36 years. East bay & Klaus were on and off from the beginning and Peligro from 1981 onwards. The band did break up between 1986 – 2001, so much history; however this is a review of the current band, therefore let’s remain on task.


Described as Hardcore Punk

I caught the last performance of this Australian Tour at Capitol in Perth.

It was an early start with Leeches opening followed by WAM 2013 Best Punk Act winner Chainsaw Hookers. Dead Kennedy’s came onstage at 8pm, the crowd was made up of a fair few middle-aged men, but the younger generations and fairer sex were represented. By the time the set started the venue was almost full.

Punk music is simplistic to produce, drums, bass, guitar and vocals. It’s loud; it’s fast and confronting. The meaning and message has always been in the lyrics, usually political but not exclusively. These guys have been playing together for a long time, their musical performance was tight, and even if it wasn’t, I doubt anyone would have noticed. I have heard it said that you can’t have the Dead Kennedys without Jello Biafra, I do not agree, Skip does an awesome job, he owns the front spot of that band and brings their material more credit with his character and humor. Vocally he adequately copes with the set and really interacts and connects with the crowd. They played for just over an hour and during that time I didn’t stop smiling. Skip, talked about the relevance of their old material against current issues, referencing our current prime minister before launching into ‘Kill the Poor’, Darren Peligro reminded the crowd about ongoing race issues before ‘Nazi Punks Fuck Off’. The music and dialogue were pure quality entertainment from start to finish. I don’t know if they will ever travel again to these shores, but if they did I would go and along with the rest of the aging WA punks. I conclude this review by stating middle aged men & women can still mosh just as hard as the kids half their age, Punk will never die!



Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables (1980)

Plastic Surgery Disasters (1982)

Frankenchrist (1985)

Bedtime for Democracy (1986)


In God We Trust, Inc. (1981)


Set List

Forward To Death

Winnebago Warrior

Police Truck


Let’s Lynch The Landlord


Kill The Poor

MP3 Get Off The Web

Too Drunk To Fuck

Moon Over Marin

Nazi Punks Fucks Off

California Uber Alles


Bleed For Me

Viva Las Vegas (Cover)

Holiday In Cambodia


Chemical Warfare

Click here to hear Dead Kennedys ‘Too Drunk To Fuck’…

Dead Kennedys