Dayseeker Share \”Homesick\” Video

DAYSEEKER dropped their new album Dark Sun last fall via Spinefarm. Get the record, which has been streamed 75 million times since release, here. Today, the band has shared the video for the gorgeously emotive single \”Homesick.\” Watch it here. The deceptively simple video finds the band in performance mode in an expansive space that can barely contain the emotional heft of the lyrics or the melodic power of the song\’s instrumentation.
\”\’Homesick\’ is Dayseeker\’s honest attempt at writing something happier,\” says singer Rory Rodriguez. \”After my father\’s passing, I was in a rut for a while and there was just this one person that made me feel like it was okay to smile and breathe through one of the darkest periods of my life. Someone that feels like home.\” Dayseeker remain on the road in support of Dark Sun, with shows selling out in the UK, U.S., Australia, and beyond. \”The UK holds a very special place in our hearts,\” the band says. \”We haven\’t played there as a full band in 8+ years, so seeing that the entire tour is on the verge of selling out is a warm welcome back for Dayseeker.\” Dayseeker are a quiet killer. The band has steadily built a buzz over the past several years — and they have reached a tipping point. Dayseeker built themselves into a scene standout with 2019\’s Sleeptalk, which was hailed by Alternative Press as  \”a warm and welcome release to higher ground\” and as \”much needed fresh air into the post-hardcore scene.\” The album has gone on to accumulate over XX million streams, and it positioned the band as a formidable force — and one that is primed to take its next big leap. In 2021, the band dropped a deluxe version of Sleeptalk, featuring four reimagined versions of album tracks, which offered fans a fresh and unique take on songs they already love. It also demonstrated the depth and breadth of the band\’s creative vision, scope, and possibilities. However, Dark Sun catapulted the band beyond the scene\’s stratosphere.