Davey Suicide- Self-titled debut review

\"Davey by Reggie Edwards For years now, the art and creativity has been dormant in the rock and metal scene. There’s a very select few bands and artists who still capture the essence of what music really is- art. Well get ready, music lovers, on March 19, Davey Suicide will unleash his self-titled debut upon all of us and if you aren’t ready for the musical experience of your life. Hell, even if you are ready, you\’re be blown away. Suicide uses the classic industrial metal sound made popular by Nine Inch Nails, Orgy and Marilyn Manson, any fan of the genre will fall instantly in love with Davey Suicide. Resounding with a very honest message inspired by what could be years of trials and difficulties, Davey Suicide is here to tell us how he feels and doesn’t care what we think about it. Very reminiscent of early Marilyn Manson, this is one of the more impressive debuts in recent memory and Davey Suicide’s self-titled debut is a must-listen for any fan of industrial metal, Marilyn Manson or just good, fun metal. Rating: 8.8/10